welcome to my art page! a mixture of lineless, lineart, and more recently, digital painting. ordered from most to least recent

(16/11/2023) my take on shrimpku style (cred. ricedeity on twt) designs for meiko and kaito :)




(09/07/2023) cam for sparkyvolt4 on AF!

(09/07/2023) coral for botish on AF!


(25/04/2023) wormface. <3



(finished 26/01/2023. posted 16/02/2023) my piece for this years "message to kaito" project. i really wanted to do a painted piece for this year. looking back i think i could have done some things differently but.. i am happy with this piece. i made it with love. that's what matters to me. happy 17th birthday kaito!!!


(14/01/2023) there was more to this one. but i like the cropped version more :')

(02/01/2023) got reeeaaally into splatoon 3. i feel like i finally understand it now. here's my octoling :)





(18/10/2022) finally got around to playing the ib remake (i like it very much)



(20/09/2022) i like this one conceptually. but i think i'm forgetting how to draw wormface.



(18/06/2022) a big piece. this was fun to work on. i really enjoy the painting process.

(10/05/2022) OC art. painting w/ lighting test.

(21/04/2022) "memories of dream park"


(09/03/2022) inspired by a piece of the smiler concept art. this one went through a lot.

(27/01/2022) created for the "message to kaito" project. this piece had a lot of iterations. i am really happy with how it finally came out.. i put a lot of love into it! happy 16 years of kaito!




(08/11/2023) redesign of leo/need mikus 3yr anniversary design. i want to do all the new miku designs eventually...

(12/09/2023) i've had this piece in my head for a few years but i wasn't ready to execute it at the time. i'm glad i was able to revisit it and do it properly now. i really like this piece.


(23/07/2023) finally.. a roe (and a bonus bait) for warmkaito on AF! i wanted to do more attacks this year but i think i am ok with this one being my final... i put a lot into it! happy wahoo world!

(07/07/2023) livewire for emosuccubus on AF!

(31/05/2023) a personal sekai i have dubbed "waterlogged sekai". all VS references are posted here and here (i will have a place for them on this website eventually promise :) )


(22/03/2023) after so long of waiting.. nightcord kaito is not at all what i expected but i'm really glad. he's everything to me. i'm really happy with how this came out!

(14/02/2023) wormface. happy valentines, again!







(31/10/2022) happy halloween!



(23/09/2022) wormface. getting there..

(14/09/2022) (da da du la)

(17/08/2022) redraw of something i found in my old art files. i'm happy to be able to execute it properly now.

(15/07/2022) wormface. got sick and couldn't do anything but lie down for a week. this is the first thing i drew when i felt better!


(03/05/2022) a redesign of my 15th anniversary KAITO design. this one is messy but i like how it came out :)


(18/03/2022) painting practices.

(15/02/2022) wormface. happy valentines day!

(19/01/2022) wormface.