NAME: BLUE (possibly a temporary name. i still don't know what i want to call him!!!)
AGE: 23
GENDER: MALE (he/him)
SKILLS: surgery, building robots
LIKES: helping others, his family
DISLIKES: not having anything to do
OCCUPATION: phamacist. unlicensed surgeon


the oldest of three children. blue is unlike the rest of his family, in that he likes helping people and actively seeks to do so. (even if he goes about it in an odd way). but he shares his wild eccentricity with the rest of his family. he lives away from his parents due to work, and is the current caretaker of his younger siblings. he spends most of his time working at his pharmacy, and takes care of his siblings in the evening. he cares so much about his family, and wants to be able to bond with his sister, green. unfortunately, nobody in this family knows how to talk to eachother in a normal way, and green resents blue for his milder nature (and he won't let her into his laboratory).