NAME: GREEN (possibly a temporary name)
AGE: 16
GENDER: FEMALE (she/her)
SKILLS: leadership,
LIKES: causing chaos, her parents, dramatic lighting
DISLIKES: her brother, being ignored
OCCUPATION: evil scientist


the middle child of her family. having showed up one day out of the blue, green quickly established herself as leader of the electric group. and is primarily using them for their resources so that she can experiment on zombies. rarely seen but always felt, green is a feared entity among the other groups, and even her own. she seems especially interested in experiementing on todd.

green spent a majority of her life living with her parents, a trio of infamous mad scientists who green idolizes, before suddenly being made to live with her older brother, blue. who she dislikes due to his milder nature and good heart. mad about her situation, and in an attempt to prove herself to her parents, green runs away to the middle of a zombie outbreak.


(in order of newest to oldest. most of these are from 2019-2020. pre current design)

older green concept. i like to think she mellows out a
little after clowns vs zombies.

brother sister height comparison