i am wormy! sometimes known as kenny :)

i like to draw and create videos.

whenever i'm not drawing i like to sculpt or play games. there are a lot of other things i would like to get into, eventually (3d modelling.. sewing.. making games..) but i don't really have the resources to do so right now. maybe one day..!

i like VOCALOID. i like to collect figures. i like theme parks and rollercoasters. i like to listen to loud music. i like horror and old PS2/DS/WII games i used to play as a kid.

KAITO is probably my favourite character of all time. he's so special to me <3


this website is a place for me to post things that i make. specifically acting as a hub for all of my ocs and information about them. as well as an archive of my art and projects!

(and maybe some other stuff too. for fun)

this is my first time coding a website from scratch, i'm still not exactly sure what i want it to look like, so it may be a little rough looking for a while. but i hope you enjoy your time here :)


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