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a redraw of an older animatic. i am trying.. to get a specific feeling across with this one. the same that listening to the song itself gives me. i would reaaaally like to finish this, eventually.



technically earlier than donut hole in ideation but this version was afterwards. i haven't decided if i'm going to finish this or not. but if not.. i like what i have!



this one was made very.. suddenly. i had the idea and then nearly 2 months later, i was done with it! i'm still not really sure how it happened. but i am happy with this video, and i'm glad i made it.



my original idea for this video had me wanting to create minature sets with 2d animated elements but it didn't work out. i'm pretty sure i drew everything for this video in about.. 11 days. maybe less? i think it's better this way. i really liked working on this video and getting to develop dream park more.



one of the first (if not the first) videos i started working on. i would say i started this around.. 2017? 2018? and kept working on it until around mid 2019. it's full of different artstyles and canvas sizes and blank spaces but.. i don't know. i'm still a little fond of this video. i have no desire to return to it now but i do kind of wish i could have seen it through to completion.