AGE: 24
GENDER: MALE (he/him)
LIKES: rats, bad video games, tom
DISLIKES: his eyes, talking to other people
OCCUPATION: ride operator


joseph is a ride operator at dream park. he has been working there for several years and has gained a reputation for being notoriously hard to get along with. he works all day. and then goes home. usually in silence. in truth, he's just not very good at making conversation. joseph is well aware of the happenings at the park. he's used to it. things don't bother him that much. he just keeps working. outside of the park, joseph usually spends his time in his apartment. he takes care of four rats, and plays old ps3 games.

joseph has a birth defect that gave him all red eyes. dubbed "rat eyes" by his peers, he wears sunglasses to hide them.


(in order of newest to oldest)

( WORM FACT: joseph used to have green eyes! )> ~~~