AGE: 23
GENDER: MALE (he/him)
SKILLS: cutting things open, putting them back together
LIKES: helping others, his family
DISLIKES: not having anything to do
OCCUPATION: phamacist. unlicensed surgeon

~ BIO ~

the oldest of three children, todo is unlike the rest of his family in that he likes helping people and actively seeks to do so. though he shares his families wild eccentricity. he spends most of his time working at his pharmacy, and takes care of his siblings in the evening.

he wants to be able to bond with ida, unfortunately, nobody in this family knows how to talk to eachother in a normal way, and ida resents todo for his milder nature.

his family calls him "null". but his professional, real world name is "todo".


in order of newest to oldest.

set after ida runs away from home. during this period todo becomes the caretaker for his baby sibling, beebee. this is the setup to that happening. i like making comics but i don't really like finishing them :')


( appears in clowns vs zombies and the adventures of musicboi. though his roles are pretty small in both )> ~~~