NAME: THOMAS (but everyone calls him tom)
AGE: 23
GENDER: MALE (he/him)
SKILLS: playing bass, dyeing his own hair
LIKES: bass guitar, the colour red, joseph, dogs
DISLIKES: shouting, his parents, the cold
OCCUPATION: ride operator


tom is a ride operator at dream park. he is the newest employee at the park. the situation tom is in when he enters dream park is one of desperation. having been unemployed for months and with no one to turn to after severing ties with his family. he is initially unaware of the true nature of the park. he finds the place unsettling. but he needs the work, so he stays. outside of work, tom likes to practice his bass, and plays his part in a local band.


(in order of newest to oldest. a lot of pictures of tom are too old for me to want to put here. i'm sorry tom!)

at some point i forgot how to draw tom and it took me a really long time to learn again. these are me trying to figure him out.